Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We are visiting my son and his family.

We sat down to play a game with all of the children.

We chose Phase 10, a counting type card game.

In our allotted time we were able to do four rounds with the 6+ of us playing

One child burst into tears as the round ended before her turn

One child boasted of having reached the phase before the round even started

One child struggled to complete the 1st phase after 4 rounds

We wrote down where we were so when we found time to continue later in the week we would know where to start.

Poor grandpa will start next time trying to reach Phase 1-- AGAIN

Mama Kendra had some wise counsel for her children as we played, she said:

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Sometimes we are the best, sometimes we aren't. That is how life is, so dry your eyes and try again.

I have learned that as long as we keep playing in the game of life we are winning. It is when we decide to call it quits that we lose.

I am at phase 4 when we start again, I hope I get a good hand this time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marching On

My how time flies when your head is stuck in jet lag.

Add daylight savings time and you have one messed up woman.

These are the things I have a foggie recollection of happening:

My Connor celebrated his 9th birthday

My parents celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary

We celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary

We picked out some pretty flowers in remembrance of our sweet baby Caroline

My Denim will celebrate his 3rd birthday this week

My brother celebrated his birthday

and my husband's niece, Taegan decided to get baptized

Life is good and if you don't slow down you might miss some of the best parts