Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving trucks and a little bit of chaos

For the fourth time in 9 months a moving truck has been loaded up with all earthly possessions and driven off to a new address filled with hope and expectation. Two of our sons and one of our daughters moved last fall. Today another daughter's household was boxed up and moved out upsetting her 5 little children, creating chaos in the family.

Our oldest daughter and her family live in Europe. We try to get to see them about once a year. 5 little grandchildren far away from extended family pull at my heart strings. We always have a wonderful time whenever we visit our grandchildren no matter where they live. We usually march along to their every day lives, pre school, church meetings, the grocery store. Visiting in Europe is quite the adventure just going to the grocery store where a picture on the package is priceless.

This visit we have been helping prepare for an international move. There are 4 parts to this move. One part slow boat, another part air freight. A third part the items needed for a summer in the states, the 4th part, trying to keep up with all of the furniture the Embassy provides that needs to stay here in perfect condition.  The biggest trick is keeping under the 7000 pound weight limit.

WOW!  What a week. The truck pulled out this afternoon. We have furniture inspection on Friday. Our flight is next Tuesday, theirs is over that weekend.  We have a birthday celebration in the middle of it all.

A move across town is difficult. A move across country is more difficult. In the first 10 years we were married we moved 13 times. I know how to move. The current house we are living in is the longest I have lived in any house in my entire life.  An international move is a new experience for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to help my children make changes in their lives.  We have had an enjoyable visit and look forward to visiting again when they are settled in their new home, wherever that might be.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cake vs Oranges

Every now and then something comes out of your mouth that you never thought you would say.  That recently happened when our grandson was visiting and this is what I said:

You may not have an orange, have some cake instead.

Now use your imagination and come up with a reason to say THAT to a 4 year old.