Friday, April 27, 2012

Point of View

We were able to have 3 of our grandchildren stay with us recently while their parents went away to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.  We had a great time playing outside, working in the garden, going to the zoo, searching for colored plastic eggs and just hanging out.

We cooked, read stories, watched Disney on TV, and made memories.

All was good until the last day when the youngest tripped and split his head open just as we were walking out the door for church.

Thank goodness for a pediatric emergency care that had a cool treasure box to catch a 3 year old's attention and a doctor who was clever with super glue.

We had a busy 10 days full of fun and adventure.

After their parents returned and the children went home our house seemed so quiet and almost empty.  We slowly tidied up, washed the laundry, made the beds and put the toys and books away.

My sweet husband made excuses to drive to their house over the next few days to return a left over item and see those sweet children again.

He confided in me that these adventures in full time grandparenting were a whole lot easier when he went to work every day and only had to share the night time duty.

Funny, I thought this visit was much easier.

I guess it is a difference in point of view.

Next week our youngest daughter needs to have repeat back surgery, (sad story).  Her 3 children need care while she convalesces and her husband goes to work.

Full time grandparenting skills are needed once again.

We are taking our bikes along for our month long visit.

I know there are books to read, movies to watch and plenty of birds singing in the trees that will need to be sought out.

Happy memories to be made.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't

This week it is more like sometimes I can and sometimes I can't

On Holidays I love to set my grandma's table with pretty dishes, fancy silverware, cloth napkins, and use pretty serving dishes

The best part of the meal is to gather my family and spend time with them.

For Christmas I have holiday plates with an outdoor theme, birds and pinecones wrapped in ribbon. For Thanksgiving I set the table with blue Currier and Ives dishes that have beautiful scenes printed on them. For Easter I have china printed with pastel flowers and a silver edge, these were my mother in law's that I inherited.

This Easter, even though I felt keenly aware of the love of my Savior and His atoning sacrifice for me, all I could muster was paper plates, napkins and cups.

We had a ham, sliced and barbequed by my dear husband.

I cut up some apples, put out carrots, warmed up some broccoli and baked some cut up rosemary potatoes

We did not even have pie

My police officer son was on the schedule to work, but at the last moment received a few hours off and surprised me--He has not been home for Sunday dinner for many months--this was not my best offering--but

It was the meal that I could do and it was filled with simple love

My family was gathered around my grandmothers table, physically 6 adults and 4 children, yet in my mind I had 14 adults and 17 grand children, all smiling, talking and laughing.

With paper the clean up is quick and easy--time enough to play a game....

Sometimes I can do it up with linen napkins and heritage china.

Sometimes it is paper plates and finger foods

Yet I hope those I love know that I try to serve with a smile and a prayer of thanks for my many blessings--

My cup runneth over with love,

Simple pure love

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Livin the Dream

Today my sweetheart and I toured America's largest house, Biltmore Estate.

It was a lovely dream home for a wealthy family, now shared with the world.

We have been gone a while and I am anxious to get home to my own little piece of heaven.

True we do not have over 200 rooms and we make just 2 bathrooms work, but it is the corner of the world that we call home.

We sat on the veranda at the Biltmore today and enjoyed the lovely view, but I have found the view from our front porch to be just as rejuvenating.

I love gathering our family in the dining room around my grandmother's table, it is best when all 30 of us are present, though it is fulfilling when it is just my country gentleman and me.

I call my sweetheart my country gentleman and when I do he shudders just a bit.

I tell him that his new full time job is to take care of our assets and together we will keep our country home running smoothly.

He blushes and tells me to stop teasing--that I have read too many period novels.

I remind him that we live on 6 acres in the woods and he is a gentleman--kind and thoughtful.

We will be home again tomorrow, the dogwoods are in bloom and the azaleas should be in bright color.

The plan for this week is a bit of landscaping, flower beds, fresh mulch.

A few grandchildren are coming to visit and spend a few days.

Life is good for us as we live our happy lives in our modest country home.

A home filled with love and laughter is a rich home indeed.