Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Walk in Time

The last few days my husband and I have taken a walk in time down memory lane.

We are visiting places he lived before we became us.

Forty years changes many things, at first it was hard to recognize the place.


Slowly recognition dawned.

The base was closed in the 90's, yet we found what we were looking for

We climbed the 10 flights of steps to the top of the control tower

We found the barracks where he lived

The  NCO club building was still there

Our daughter was able to help us get access to the commissary where we purchased American treats for our trip

We found the base chapel where he went to church

We sat on the flight line for about two hours sipping a soda and reminiscing  over our dreams and hopes both past and future

Bitburg, Germany is a place I have heard about and thought about for 40 years.

It is where my sweetheart became his own man, made decisions and choices that would affect our life together

For 40 years he has promised to take me there

It is a beautiful place where the green fields are spring green in August

The rolling hills are covered with fertile farms

The hamlets are picturesque

My sweetheart went home this week and he took me with him

Thank you, Shawna for helping your parents make a dream come true