Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving On

The month of September was filled with moving boxes--for 3 of my children.

We thought we would be the ones moving soon, but no, our plans are put on hold for a bit.  Instead we helped 3 of our children move.

Luckily they all moved across town and not across country.

When we returned from Germany, Teri and her family were camped out at our house waiting for their new home to be finished.  There was a crazy week when the children needed to be driven to school 40 miles away every morning and then picked up again every afternoon.  It felt like Mr Toad's Wild Ride and reminded me of our move to Delaware almost 30 years ago.

Kevan and his family were next.  When we returned from visiting my parents Kevan had already filled and emptied the moving truck with the help of family and buddies from work and church.  For the next few days we spent our time trying to get appliances clean and functioning and emptying boxes and filling cabinets so the family could prepare simple meals.  I have found that if the kitchen is functioning then the family can function, even if there is an uproar going on.

From Kevan's house we headed north to help Michael and his family.  The day the guys from church showed up to load and unload the moving truck the skies opened up and poured a cold, drenching rain.  We were wet clear through and freezing by the time the adventure was over.  For the next week the garage smelled of wet cardboard as we hurried to empty boxes and rescue their belongings from a soggy doom.  It took a week to get the appliances clean and operating, but by the time we left dinner could be prepared, everyone could sleep in their own beds and the piled laundry mountain was beginning to diminish.  I am excited to go back and see the transformation Michael and Kendra will do to turn this family friendly house into a home.

In my whole life, the years we have lived in this log house is the longest I have ever set roots.  There were the years when we spent 4 Christmas celebrations in 4 different states taking 4 children with us.  I have loved living in this log house and was looking forward to building a unique house for our special needs on our lot.  Unfortunately the lot did not perk, meaning that it could not handle plumbing for a family.  So, for the time being, until we figure out what to do, we are content to finish the work we started here and remain put.

As the storms that Hurricane Sandy sent our way blustered around us we were safe and quiet in our sturdy log house.  I am happy and content. 

 Now to stretch the budget to manage a house payment and the desire to jump on a big boat for some adventure, not to mention a large family I enjoy traveling to visit.

I hope my children can soon feel settled and content in their new homes. They have all chosen well and I am proud of them.  Making a house a home is part of an ongoing journey, more on that subject another day.

The sun is shining today, the leaves are beautiful.  I think today is a wonderful day to take a walk and see the beauty that is outside.