Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sometimes life hands us a few challenges we were not expecting.  This is a quote I found that gives perspective:

Adversity will give us experience
 and shall be for our good

 Every day is another opportunity to gain experience and grow. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Special Day

This week my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

They have had a happy life

They love each other very much

They have weathered the storms of life with joy and strength

I am a lucky girl to be their daughter

They have taught me well

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me a great life

I love you

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Me and My House

I love to go to church.  

When my family was young I loved sitting on the church pew with them.

One of my favorite scripture passages has always been Joshua 24:15

"...As for me and my house, We will serve the Lord"

I am blessed to have a wonderful family.

My children have all grown up and they are all happily married.

They are working hard to teach my 17 grandchildren truths

I love family scripture study.

I love family prayer.

I enjoyed family home evening.

I thought game night and family dinners were the best.

I was thankful when Sunday came around and we could have a family day without interuptions.

Life was not always perfect.  We made mistakes, but we did not give up.

Now I watch as my children try to keep going in their own homes,

and pass on the traditions that my mother and father taught me, my grand parents taught them...

Back 4 generations and forward 2 more.

Life is good.....

......I am blessed

Every day we choose whom we will serve...