Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have grandchildren staying with us this week. 

We have had a great time together.

We have been to the park, museum, and lake.

We searched for colored eggs and ate a feast.

Church was more fun with 3 little ones to share it with.

We tried to go to the Zoo earlier in the week, but were turned away?!?!?

The schedule opened up to try again today.

The weather report said clouds early in the day and rain this evening.

We set out on the hour drive,

Half an hour later the first drops appeared on the windhield.

The phone rang and there were reports of hail at home, still we pressed on.

A quick stop to procure some rain panchos and we were ready.

The zebras and lions were still.

The gorillas and chimpanzees were active and happy, showing off for the few who ventured forth to visit.

It was cold and wet, yet we stayed dry and warm.

It was worth our effort to go.

We had a great day.

No one melted even though they were all so sweet.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary

We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.

We have 6 kids who have chosen their spouses well and are all happily married

We have 17 grand children who are a delight, with a new one expected early this fall

We have weathered lifes storms and have come out on top.

Love is a Gift of God 

A good marriage is worth nurturing, worth looking the other way at times, worth biting your tongue.

A good marriage is worth working for.  

I am happily married to a good man.

I am blessed.