Thursday, August 15, 2013

TRASH--a card game

I have been spending quite a bit of time these last few months entertaining grandchildren.

I am always on the outlook for fun and easy games to play with multiple children of varying ages.

My daughter, Cara, introduced us to TRASH the other day, we spent the whole visit playing the game with her three children ages 3, 6 and 10.

We introduced the game to 5 of our other grand children this last weekend, and they enjoyed it as well. 

I will take the cards along when we go visiting with my parents in a few weeks, I think they will also enjoy the game.

Here are the rules.  See what you think.

2-4 players
1 deck of playing cards
SKILLS: Players should be old enough to recognize numbers and have a desire to learn to count--
This game is great practice to learn these skills and wonderful fun if you already have them.

FIRST HAND:  Deal each player 10 cards, lay them out face down in a straight line 1-10.
 Place remaining cards, face down, in center of table.

WILD CARDS:   If a KING is drawn or turned up, it is a WILD CARD and can be used for any face down card as desired.  If the numbered card for the space that the wild card is occupying comes available, it can be traded out and the KING put into a different spot, or, if at the end of this hand's play, passed on.

TO PLAY:  Youngest player starts the play by choosing a card from the center pile.
If it is a card from 1-10, put it in the proper place and turn over the card from that place. 
If it is another number card between 1-10, put it in the proper place. 
 Play for that person continues until a face card or number card that cannot be used is turned up.

TO CONTINUE PLAY:  If a QUEEN or JACK is drawn or turned up, that players turn is ended and the card is placed in the center of the table, face up, starting the TRASH PILE. 
 If a number card is turned up that cannot be used, the card is passed on to the next player that can use the card, starting with the person directly to the left.
 If there isn't a player that can use the number card it is placed in the TRASH PILE. 
 The player to the left then draws and play continues as before.

TO WIN A HAND:  The first player to have all of their card slots, 1-10 face up, wins the hand.
Play can continue WITHOUT ANY PLAYERS DRAWING, until no further plays can be made.

SECOND HAND:  Players retain face down cards on the table and turn in all cards that were face up. Those players that turned over ALL of their cards receive one less card than the previous hand
 (If the last hand was 10, this one is 9 and so on on until just 1 card is dealt)

CONTINUING PLAY:  Deal each player the number of cards needed, face down, in a row.
First player to go out the last hand is first player for current hand.

GOAL OF THE GAME: To be eligible to go onto the next step
 (from 10 to 9 cards. etc.) all cards must be face up.  
At the end of the hand, any remaining face down cards remain on the table and are counted toward the number of cards needed for the next hand.
Only those players with ALL of their cards face up can receive one less card.
Players with ANY cards left FACE DOWN will stay on the same step as the last hand.
(Example:  for the first hand 2 cards remained face down, turn in the 8 face up cards and receive 8 new cards to place face down with the original 2 making 10 cards face down for the second hand,
 while those who had all 10 cards face up receive only 9 cards )

 The first player to successfully reach 1 card, face up, is the winner.


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